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Lizze professional tools was founded in 2008, in the city of Campo Mourao in Parana — Brazil with the commitment of offering high-end tools for hair professionals.  The first product we put on the market was the Photon Lizze, a tool for capillary treatment with a new LED technology, that nowadays is the only one patented and certified. With an increase of demand for our products, Lizze introduced in the market new tools for professionals such as Hair dryers, flat irons, curl irons, clippers and others are in our catalogue.  

All products placed on the market by Lizze are certified by INMETRO (Brazil), CETL and CE (Europe and North America), guaranteeing quality and efficiency.  Also we have a strict quality inspection for all products before they are available for sale.  Nowadays, Lizze are well known by its outstanding products due to a shared commitment of our working team to assist our customers with excellence.