eco-mate is turning the tide on plastic pollution

Made from sustainable materials, eco-mate serves to challenge the status quo when it comes to the use of plastic in our society.

We are SUPA Products and our eco-mate range is part of our mission to give you one less plastic bottle to worry about. We all know how difficult it is to avoid using single use plastics - they are everywhere and sometimes it feels like an impossibility to stop using them completely. When designing the eco-mate range of products, our primary goal was to create a bottle that was 0% plastic and ocean safe to ensure that when you choose eco-mate there’s one less plastic bottle to worry about. We realised that in addition to the biodegradable packaging we found we were able to also make the contents biodegradable and so eco-mate brings you the best of both worlds eco-friendly packaging and contents derived from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. As a small British start-up based in rural Rutland we aim to have a real positive impact on the planet with an exciting range of new products in our development pipeline….


 What we mean by ‘ocean safe’ is that it is fully biodegradable   so that if the bottle should find its way into the ocean, then it   will start to break down in a matter of only weeks and it will   fully biodegrade within a few months. This is much, much   faster than many of the product packaging on the marketplace   that claims to be biodegradable as they can often take several   years to break down and still leave behind micro-plastics, often only part of the packaging is biodegradable.

Our eco-mate paper bottles are made of 100% biodegradable products and will have safely broken down within months of being thrown away. Plus, because our bottle is only made from paper and plant-based materials there is no harm to the fish or mammals that live in our oceans. The paper and coating are both very fragile when submerged in water for any period and quickly break apart.



Whilst our eco-mate products are not adding to the issue of single use plastics in our oceans, as enthusiast deep sea divers, we are continually shocked by the amount of plastic we see in our oceans. Driven by the desire to do something to help, when we launched SUPA Products we made a commitment to give 20% of our profits to our three nominated ocean clean-up charities:
Plastic Oceans UK, Just One Ocean and Sea Changers.

Our commitment to give 20% of our profits to these brilliant charities means that when you buy eco-mate products not only does this mean there is one less plastic bottle to worry about, but also that you’re helping to remove plastic from our oceans, promote positive environmental initiatives and support marine conservation here in the UK and abroad.