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We have moved!

Now part of anydaydirect.com

Sustainability starts at home

Discover the benefits of the biodegradable bamboo fibre ASTRIK in your home.

We have moved!

Now part of anydaydirect.com


Pillows designed for comfort, wellness & medical needs

technology on-the-go

Buddy Pouch with ground-breaking magnetic technology is a beltless,

chafe and bounce free magnetic pocket pouch.

It’s paper... and it's biodegradable!

Eco, water-resistant bags for your next adventure.

Who knew paper could be so tough?

Home & Lifestyle Solutions

anydaydirect is your go-to source for both modern and sustainable living. We offer a wide range of home, outdoor and eco products at affordable prices, with something for everyone. Our mission is to help you live a healthier, more eco conscious lifestyle – and have a little fun along the way! Explore our range now and get started...


A beltless, bounce-free pouch with slots and compartments for your keys, ID, money, and other necessities is made using ground-breaking magnetic technology.