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Phyto Ativo

The professional hair care brand passionate about real transformations.

We are specialists in professional hair products, which is why we strictly follow the philosophy of always offering cosmetics with very high concentrations of actives ingredients, ideal for obtaining real results since the first application. The first global brand to bring Hyaluronic Acid into hair care formulation, with the launch of Hair Vaccine Aqua Boost.

These are our newest ranges and the hair type intended to be treat and the benefits.


Tropicalis IS OUR HAIR STRAIGHTENING PRODUCT RANGE. Thermal Alignment is the original unique step Brazilian Protein, free from formaldehyde, that completely realigns the hair resulting in perfect straight. In addition, the Tropicalis Hydration Treatment recovers the moisture and prolong the straight result. This range is 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals and vegan.

Indicated for:

All hair types!
It reduces frizz, volume, or straight the hair depending on the
procedure technique.


Its formula has tropical oils and butters that bring intense shine, softness and provide deep reconstruction to the hair.


Vacina Capilar IS OUR HAIR TREATMENT PRODCT RANGE. Aqua Boost is the complete treatment! It moisturizes, nourishes and restores the hair. With Hyaluronic Acid, Essential Amino Acids and Lipids, its formula recovers water, fills the hair cortex and restores the lipid layer, resulting in intense hydration, strength and shine. This range is 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals and vegan, paraben and petrolates free, dye free and formaldehyde free.

Indicated for:

All hair types and textures.
Immediate recovery and full protection from future damage.


Deeply hydrates, promotes moisturing and prevents dryness of bleached hair, dyed hair or those that face sweat, pollution and swimming pool routine.