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Whether you’re looking for tips on maximising your storefront or learning the nitty gritty about shipping, you’ve come to the right place! We’re always here to help and make selling easy.

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Why should I join anydaydirect?

anydaydirect is a multi-seller marketplace platform only for verified brands selling verified
sustainable products. Our platform is centred on the following:

  • Business-friendly terms that give you more profit and faster cash flow
    A level playing field where all sellers compete fairly based on product characteristics rather
    than the lowest price
  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded sustainable shoppers who are happy to pay a
    fair price
  • The opportunity to build a brand and connect with your customers via the platform
Where can I apply to be a seller?

We complete all seller and product applications within 2-3 days! Click here for a link to our new seller application. The simple process is in two parts and doesn't take long to complete:

  • Part 1: Set up your account. We ask that all sellers have a valid business or company.
  • Part 2: Submit products you would like to sell on anydaydirect along with documentation
    verifying claims and features of sustainability.
What is the set up process?

Great question! We've created a detailed guide for getting started on anydaydirect, including tips and tricks to maximise all our features.

Once you've registered as a seller, you can log into your dashboard. From there, you'll need to follow each tab's requirements for the information requested.

How does shipping work?

You have complete flexibility over how you choose to manage shipments, which also means you have full responsibility over handling the costs. We strongly encourage sellers to partner with a recognised courier, especially one that supports carbon neutral shipping. You’re able to set your own rates based on the price or weight of the products, and can choose to offer international shipping based on regional or national pricing. All sellers are required to send out products within 3 days of purchase.

All sellers will be subscribed to

Planet - Carbon Neutral Shipping

where all our shipments are carbon-neutral, as we subscribe to the Planet app, thereby by funding innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and store it. We are proud to showcase our commitment to shipping carbon-neutral to all customers. Upon request we can show you our analytics such as our carbon footprint, total delivery distance, or how much carbon we've removed.

 Understanding carbon removal

The Planet app neutralizes your shipping emissions and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it.

For example, if a truck or a plane that delivers your shipment releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, and you are subscribed to the Planet app, then Shopify ensures that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies in a sustainability fund.

There is a fast-growing and evolving sector with many carbon removal technologies in different stages of development. These technologies include nature-based solutions, such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration and more high-tech solutions, such as direct air capture and mineralization.

What are the fees to join the platform?

There are no monthly fees - the only fee is a referral fee (commission) which only applies when you make a sale plus a USD 0.15 cents per item sold which is paid to Planet for carbon neutral delivery. So no sale, no fee - no fuss! The referral fee is 25% of the checkout value, excluding shipping. You will receive 100% of whatever you charge on shipping.

There are no merchant transaction fees, for payment types example: Credit cards, Klarna, Stripe, PayPal, Shopify Payments.

Getting Started

How does this all work?

Simply, our software connects to your website, collects all the information and sets it up on our website. where we can mimic your product categories and tags. Every time you add a product, change a price, update information, change your stock levels, we are automatically updated live as you do this. Not only this but our systems will place your products out of stock when you run low, can add pre-ordering, notify customers of back in stock, notify price changes all automatically, its all just a setting for us!

How do I set up shipping and what are my options?

Once your shop is set up, we ask that you contact us or email us with your shipping details, timings and costs and we will set this up in our store so that when orders are received these shipping conditions will be applied and the customer will see these in their checkout cart.

You set your own options and costs and we add this to link to your products. This can be amended anytime by emailing us.

Where do you ship to?

You tell us and we will activate the countries, zones and costs.

Does the portal integrate with any carriers?

We do have shipping add ons for all the major carriers worldwide that can be activated but the commission will then change to be inclusive of shipping? We recommend you use the carriers already being used for your own websites or stores. This way you will receive 100% of the shipping charged to customers.

Customer Questions

Can customers ask me questions before buying anything?

Yes! we’ll have to turn this feature on in your admin panel.

What if they have a question after they order?

Please make sure you update the order with the tracking details, so customers can track their orders in real time. Customers can ask questions anytime.

Can I set up a FAQ page on my store?

Yep! It’s possible to set up an automatic FAQ response so you don’t have to keep answering the same questions. Each FAQ will be displayed on the product page after you turn this option on in the backend. Please note, only customers with a cerqular account can use this feature.

Here’s how: Go to your seller marketplace dashboard. Under ‘Configuration’ hit Ask a Question Configuration. In the second section under “Select Ask A Question Used For,” choose “FAQ” from the dropdown menu. Customers will then see the FAQ button on display right next to each individual product in your store.

Will customer be notified with despatch information?

Yes, we have all major couriers linked in our systems and when you despatch an order and update the order you receive with the consignment number and courier, our sytem will email the customer with notification.

What is the customer ordering process?

How the customer transacts and pays. – customer is transacting on our website through our payment systems. When an order is paid, it is automatically added to your website that is connected to ours, only the order on your system will say invoice us and ship to customer address directly. When you despatch , it updates our site and notifies the customer of the consignment and courier tracking link if you use all the usual courier companies. If not then it will update with whatever info you put on your sites. We deal with all refunds if necessary. Returns will be communicated and agreed before they are approved our end. Any discounts we offer from our email marketing flows is borne by us not you. We pay all marketing costs unless you chose to have specific targeted marketing campaigns.

Additional Tips & Tricks

What’s slot pricing?

This is a cool anydaydirect feature that allows you to set multiple prices for the same product, depending on the customer. So you can reward a loyal customer with a discount for coming back repeatedly, or entice a new customer to come back again. One thing to keep in mind with using this strategy is that it doesn’t also work with any anydaydirect discount codes on the check-out page.

Customers won’t see anything while they’re shopping, or even know that slot pricing has been activated.

Can I run any deals or promotions?

Definitely! You can choose to offer deals for a collection of items or one specific product. You have full control over how long you’d like to run a deal for, and you’ll be able to see which deals are your best performers in your seller portal.

Am I able to add other teammates to my store front?

Yes you are. You can add them as new staff members by going to your Dashboard > Profile > My Staff. Then you fill in their email address and set a password for them (which they’ll be able to change after sign up). You can also choose to offer only certain permissions to your staff members, restricting access to orders, the dashboard, your profile or product bios if you so choose.

Technical Stuff

What are the image requirements ?

Whatever you have on your website will be used on our site. There is no special requirements for images as these are taken from your site.

What are the content requirements?

If you share banners you make for your site with our marketing team, we list these on your brand shop pages.

Product descriptions and titles we may change so that we have unique content as we use AI to do this. However, in the first instance whatever is on your site will be used as the starting point for our AI to change and add the keywords we want to use. Any change to content our end is only visible on our site. This does not affect your sites at all. If you have any special metatags on your site on product pages like size charts, special terms or anything, we can have these added our end too.

What if I need a special feature?

Our software is
extremely sophisticated, so if there is any special requirements, it maybe
that we already have these and we have not mentioned them here. We have tried to
develop a seamless process so that you are not having to waste time managing us
or replicating what you do for your sites, but rather spend your time on running your business with all the hassle of selling on a market place removed or automated, so you do not duplicate your efforts.

What is the AMP add on?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and it allows your shop to load quickly on a cell phone. It’s a more basic, much faster version of our website which means the chances of losing customers to slow WiFi connections or low signal are much lower. Integrating AMP is a free add on in anydaydirect and it doesn’t take up any extra memory.

What’s the PWA add on?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application which is a fancy way of saying it’s a hybrid between a mobile app and a web page. It’s another free add on with your anydaydirect store and adding it will help you reach more shoppers. In particular, it’s a great tool for mobile shoppers who don’t like adding lots of apps to their phone. The functionality is faster than a website, but it still allows for push notifications and a sleeker design.

Payment Details

How do I set up my shop for payments?

Payments from your customers will go through the payment connectors already set up on the platform. Customers will have choice to pay by Amex, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Klarna.

Sellers must complete the payment details in the Profile section of the seller's dashboard. All payments to sellers are automated based on these settings.

When do I get paid?

Frequency of payment can be automated through our systems to a bank or PayPal account. The system will automatically calculate what you are owed live. Alternatively we do have sellers who prefer not to use this method and to invoice us weekly or monthly for the transactions and get paid this way as they prefer to keep their own sales ledger. We will always require an invoice for commission if you chose to use our portal for the control rather than your sales ledger.

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